After Qatar announced the readiness of Kabul Airport.. the arrival of the first UN planes and the deployment of the Afghan police

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publish date 2021-09-12 17:29:14

Al-Jazeera correspondent said that 4 UN planes landed at Kabul airport carrying UN teams that left last month, while the former police forces were deployed alongside the Taliban in the vicinity of the airport.

Correspondent Hamdi al-Bakari at the airport stated that the planes belonging to the United Nations World Food Program came from Islamabad, and one headed to Kandahar and the other to Mazar-i-Sharif.

It is noteworthy that this flight is the first for an international body working in the humanitarian field to arrive at Kabul Airport, after Qatar announced the airport’s readiness to receive international flights.

The reporter quoted an official in the World Food Program as saying that about 15 million Afghans need urgent humanitarian assistance.

Twelve Afghan female employees, out of 80, returned to work at Kabul International Airport, less than a month after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

The women working at the airport are among the few Afghan women who have been allowed to return to work, after the Taliban banned most working women from returning to their jobs until further notice.

Yesterday, Saturday, the airport witnessed a number of domestic flights between Kabul and a number of Afghan cities.

Pakistan Airlines announced yesterday that it will launch commercial flights to the Afghan capital from Monday.

In the State of Qatar, Hamad International Airport received last night a Qatar Airways plane, on the second commercial flight to arrive from Kabul within 24 hours.

Several countries – between the United States, France and Germany – thanked the State of Qatar for its efforts in operating international flights from Kabul Airport.

American efforts to get those who want to leave

In the same context, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that his country will continue to work with its allies to get all those who want to leave Afghanistan.

Austin added – in an interview with CNN – that his country’s efforts to help Afghan collaborators have not ended, pointing out that the Foreign Ministry is working hard to leave more planes from Afghanistan.

The US Secretary thanked the State of Qatar for the “tremendous” assistance it provided and its ongoing partnership, and noted that the Qataris had greatly assisted in the efforts to evacuate 124,000 people from Afghanistan.

Police deployment

And the Afghan police returned to the deployment at checkpoints in the vicinity of Kabul Airport along with forces affiliated with the Taliban movement, for the first time since the Islamic movement took control of the country, according to two policemen on Sunday.

The police withdrew from their positions, fearing the reaction of the Islamic movement when the Taliban invaded Kabul last month and toppled the government. But two members of the security apparatus said they returned to work on Saturday after receiving calls from Taliban leaders.

The Taliban says it granted a general amnesty to everyone who worked in the previous government, including the army, police and other security services.

Taliban officials indicate that they want to integrate the other forces, but they have not explained how this will happen or how they will deal with a security apparatus of about 600,000 members.

Kabul Airport was severely damaged during the evacuation of more than 120,000 people, which was overshadowed by chaos and ended with the withdrawal of US forces on August 30.

Qatar Airways has operated flights from Kabul in recent days, mostly carrying foreigners and Afghans who were not taken during the recent evacuations.

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