This is what a spoonful of vinegar does to the human body

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publish date 2021-09-12 09:58:26

A study published by the “Yahoo News” news site revealed the benefits of vinegar in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.

Weight loss

According to the site, vinegar has many benefits, as acetic and citric acids, as well as amino acids, contribute to weight loss.

Acetic acid prevents the buildup of bad fats, while citric acid converts fats and carbohydrates into energy.

get rid of fatigue

According to the study, eating a tablespoon of vinegar before or an hour after exercise helps to get rid of fatigue and speed up the recovery process.


Vinegar acts as an antibacterial as its properties limit the growth of bacteria, maintain the intestinal environment, and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine. It also improves intestinal function and is thus effective in preventing constipation.

eat vinegar

The study indicated that eating about 15 milliliters of vinegar daily reduces blood sugar and high blood pressure, and it can be added to food and fried vegetables or mixed with milk or soda water.

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