They underwent health care.. Rescued 6 tigers after they were kidnapped in Ecuador from illegal traffickers

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A rescue operation was carried out for 6 tigers of the “dwarf tiger” type from the hands of illegal traders, who seized them from a nature reserve in northern Ecuador, according to what was revealed by the Minister of Environment there. (Leopardus pardalis) in the Cotacachi Cayapas Reserve near the border with Colombia,” according to the . website france24.

The statement also clarified that all the animals were returned to their natural habitat after a rehabilitation period that lasted about a year, and the paramedics said that the animals, which are of the Oloot type also known as the dwarf tiger, were treated for worms and blood samples were taken from them to assess their health status, and they were provided with small slides. To be recognized in the future.

pygmy tiger
pygmy tiger

The wild animals were released into an area with no contact with humans and could live in their habitat and grow freely, said Placido Palacios, director of the James Brown Rescue Center, where the animals have undergone rehabilitation.

Illegal wildlife traders face up to 3 years in prison in Ecuador, and over the past seven years, more than 6,000 wild animals have been rescued from the illegal trade, according to figures from the country’s environment ministry.


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