Scientists reveal the secret of the formation of the white layer on the surface of tea cups

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publish date 2021-09-12 09:56:46

A Swiss scientific study revealed the secret of the substance that forms on the surface of a filled tea cup after it has cooled during several hours.

The journal “Physics of Fluids” quoted the details of the study carried out by physicists from Switzerland, who confirmed that the white layer that forms on the surface of a cup full of black tea, is a substance caused by water due to a specific chemical reaction between the elements in the cup.

The two scientists, Caroline Jacomen and Peter Fischer of the Swiss Higher Technical School, noted that the formation of this white layer is related to the interaction of water, acidity, the presence of sugar or milk with the low temperature of the tea and the elements that start the fermentation process.

Scientists found that the elements present consist of polyphenols found in tea leaves, in addition to the water salts in them, and the more calcium carbonate, the more intense the white layer is formed on the surface of the cold tea cup.

The scientists concluded that the formed layer is able to directly affect the taste of tea, as the study indicated that the quality of tea plays a major role in the formation of the white layer and differs from one region to another according to the water and the elements of its composition.

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