Rana Al-Husseini publishes the book “Years of Struggle: The Women’s Movement in Jordan”

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Journalist, Rana Al-Husseini, has released her 11-chapter book, “Years of Struggle: The Women’s Movement in Jordan,” with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung office in Jordan.

Al-Hussaini is a feminist activist, human rights defender and senior reporter for the Jordan Times.

Al-Husseini’s dedication to women’s rights and social issues for more than 25 years has helped raise awareness of unjustified practices against women in Jordan and abroad.

This will be her second book after “A Murder in the Name of Honor”, which was published in 2009.

“I felt the need to document the changes that have taken place in Jordan in terms of women’s rights over the past 20 years,” said Rana Al Husseini.

She added that the book is available as a reference for younger generations, because they “need to know our history, which Jordanians tell.”

“During my 25 years of working as a journalist, I have felt significant changes in attitudes toward women’s issues in Jordan, both from society and the government,” Al-Husseini said.

Al-Husseini added that one of the most important achievements made by women in Jordan is changing discriminatory laws. “A change has occurred in the rise of women to senior and even leadership positions in multiple sectors.”

But Al-Husseini said: “I noticed during my research that historians, academics, and activists who wrote books about our country rarely mentioned women. However, women have always worked for national and women’s issues.”

She continued, “I really believe that understanding our history, political developments, as well as the sacrifices that many women and men have made over the years, is crucial for anyone who wants to learn about this country and its people and how things have moved forward or backward.”

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