Qardahi in his first press statement: Calm down a little!

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publish date 2021-09-12 18:13:55

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The Lebanese National News Agency said, in a news broadcast today, Sunday, that the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, came backI’m in Beirut, coming from the United Arab Emirates.

Qardahi addressed “some of the geniuses and analysts who appeared on the media screens during the past two days and analyzed the formation of the government and the quotas,” and said: “Let them allow us and calm down a bit,” wishing the media “not to host them because the government is new.”

He continued: “As Prime Minister Najib Mikati said, we are on an emergency landing plane, and we must all cooperate so that we can send a glimmer of hope to the people I tell them that we will try to do everything that is positive, and those who want to go to hell calm down, because we do not want that and who wants to.” So let him go alone.”

Qirdahi thanked all the media outlets that came to the airport to receive him.

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