Italian sailors catch a strange creature with the body of a shark and the face of a pig.. Photo

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A number of Italian sailors were surprised after finding a frightening creature with a shark’s body and a pig’s face in the sea. This strange animal was spotted by naval officers as it floated in the water before it was pulled out of the ocean. At first glance, it seemed to be a shark, and when the sailors took a closer look The sea creature had a pig-like face.

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This strange animal was discovered in the waters of the island of Elba, near the town of Port Veraio, in particular, and then was withdrawn from the water, and was subjected to study. It is endangered, which means it is rarely spotted, according to the Daily Record.

Strange fish hook
strange fish shape

Although the discovery took place three weeks ago, its discovery quickly spread when images of the strange-looking marine animal were posted on social media, and the post immediately attracted hundreds of comments, including criticism from people who believed the shark had been captured and killed by fire. intentionally.

After this creature was taken out of the water, it was taken to the port office for study and eventually disposed of, and although the animal is generally rare, in the world, it is sufficiently present in the waters of this Italian region, and as long as fishermen reported it and said that it got stuck in their nets .


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