A crocodile attacks a woman in the US state of Florida, and she miraculously survives .. Video and photos

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A video clip documented a terrifying moment in which a Florida woman was chased by a huge crocodile while she was on a paddleboard trip, but she managed to escape using her paddle to push the crocodile away, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

The woman posted on her Facebook account several videos showing her attempt to get away from the predator before using her paddle to push the crocodile away. He tried to bite my tablet.”

After the woman strokes the crocodile away with her paddle, a man can be heard on video saying: “Ma’am, I would suggest you go quickly, you made him angry.”


The “Daily Mail” report says that, according to statistics, crocodile bites for humans in Florida in 1948 ranged to 3 bites per year, and over the past ten years, the average number of bites in Florida has reached seven unexplained bites each year, which are dangerous bites. Enough to require professional medical treatment.

The crocodile attacks the lady
The crocodile attacks the lady

The crocodile approaches the lady
The crocodile is approaching the lady

The report added, that the probability of a Florida resident being seriously injured during an unexplained crocodile incident in Florida is only one in 3.1 million, and it is likely that the increase in crocodile attacks is more related to the rapid increase in the population in Florida than to the total number of crocodiles, which They number about 1.3 million, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.


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