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Procedures for the Judicial Council to expedite the adjudication of corruption offenses

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publish date 2021-09-12 12:06:51

The Judicial Council has independent wings in one of the buildings of the Ministry of Justice; To look into criminal corruption cases, increase the number of judicial bodies specialized in these cases from two to three, and allocate three regular public prosecutors to plead before these bodies in those cases.

The Jordan News Agency (Petra) monitored, over the course of last June and July, the trial sessions of a number of defendants accused of illegally assaulting public funds.

The Commission for Corruption Felonies convicted a government employee in one of the ministries on charges of embezzlement, using a seal, sign or hammer of a public administration and theft from the place where he works on an ongoing basis, and decided to place him in temporary work for five years, fees and a fine of 19,469 dinars for the crime of embezzlement and a fine The value of 750 dinars and fees.

The court issued a decision against two other persons to imprison them for a period of three months and a fine of 500 dinars and fees, and to charge the three persons jointly and severally with administrative and judicial expenses.

The court decided to include the three persons jointly and jointly the value of the fuel that was disbursed by one of the ministries, amounting to 16 thousand and 785 dinars, which is the value of the local purchaser’s requests that were issued based on forged supplies requests, and the value of the local purchaser’s requests that were issued without the presence of supplies requests and whose value was paid by the ministry concerned, including the value of fuel that was spent by one of the ministries at a value of one thousand and 934 dinars, which is the value of the local purchaser’s requests that were used from a lost notebook and paid for by the concerned ministry and the one responsible for keeping it was one of the convicts, and that notebook was in his custody and was used by one of the convicts.

The court also issued a ruling to imprison a government employee for a period of 3 months, fees and a fine of 500 dinars with another person, for the charge of negligence of the employee in the duties of the job while harming the interests of the state.

The court sentenced a government employee to temporary imprisonment for five years and a fine equivalent to what was embezzled, amounting to one million and 87,647 US dollars, or its equivalent in Jordanian dinars, and placed other defendants with temporary hard labor and imprisonment for five years for the embezzlement charge that was proven to them. The court decided to place the accused on temporary labor for ten years, the fees calculated from the period of their arrest, and a fine of one of them 162,662 dinars, and the other 33,812 dinars, and jointly and jointly include them the sums that they seized, which amounted to 24,992 dinars for the crime of embezzlement jointly. (Petra) noted that in some cases it took five days to hear one witness, and it continued to hear some witnesses for seven continuous hours during one day, which is an appreciated effort by judicial bodies, prosecutors, witnesses and defense agents.

The Secretary-General of the Judicial Council and its media spokesperson, Judge Walid Kanakriya told the Jordan News Agency (Petra) that the Council provided independent wings in the building belonging to the Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice in the Shmeisani area in Amman, which contain courtrooms and offices, in addition to administrative support cadres dedicated solely to following up on those Cases, and it contains a remote courtroom in which audio-visual communication devices are available to overcome emergency conditions and not disrupt the trials in these cases.

Judicial bodies are looking into corruption felonies with qualitative cases in terms of the subject matter, and the values ​​of the estimated amounts in them. So far, there are 56 cases transferred from the Public Prosecutor of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission after the investigation phase has been exhausted.

It is noteworthy that the Judicial Council began developing a comprehensive strategy years ago to adjudicate cases of various topics, in which the necessary legal procedures are taken into account so that justice can take its course without delay and shortening the duration of litigation.


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