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“Islamic Action” in Russeifa honors outstanding students in high school under the title “The Seif Al-Quds Regiment”

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publish date 2021-09-11 23:13:10

Adaileh: There is no revival without education, and we warn against attempts to corrupt it and strip it from the identity and values ​​of society.

The branch of the Islamic Action Front Party in Russeifa held a ceremony honoring the first students in the Rusaifa Brigade and the successful children of the party’s affiliates, under the auspices of the party’s Secretary-General, Eng. Murad Al-Adayleh, in the presence of Representative Muhammad Abu Sa’ilek, a crowd of students’ families, the leadership of the branch and the Islamic movement in Russeifa.

The head of the party’s branch in Russeifa, Abdel Rahim Barakat, pointed out the excellence of the people of Rusaifa in various fields in serving the country and the nation, pointing to the party’s keenness for the second year to honor outstanding students in high school in appreciation of their excellence and success.
Barakat announced the naming of this group of successful people as the Seif al-Quds Regiment, as an expression of pride in the heroism achieved by the Palestinian people in the face of the occupation, and the association of this generation with the issues of the homeland and the nation.

While the Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Party, Eng. Murad Al-Adayleh, congratulated the students and their families for their success in high school, stressing the need for them to be a beacon of knowledge for Jordan and to contribute to its renaissance and advancement.

Al-Adayleh called on the students to adhere to the message of Islam and the guidance of its Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, adding, “You are among the sons of the nation and bearers of the message of Islam, so your happiness is with this great religion and adherence to the path of the Prophet’s guidance. And to be a good building block in the service of society.”
Al-Adayleh added, “Today you are starting a new stage at the university, and it is one of the most important stages of life, in which the personality of the person is made and the parameters of his next life are drawn. So make this stage the height of your work, giving, your excellence, and building your personality, and for each of you to have his own project in serving the community and the issues of the country.”

He also stressed the necessity of linking with the nation’s issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause, adding that we are the owners of silver, and we share with them their concerns and the details of their lives, whether what is happening in Jerusalem, the West Bank, the prisoners and Gaza,
Do not forget your cause and be present with you and be messengers to publicize it and serve it in the various available ways until the liberation of the land and the sanctities is achieved.

He also stressed the need to advance the reality of education, considering that there is no renaissance for the nation without education, which requires it to take priority over everything. Any plan to develop education that does not carry the country’s identity and its Arab and Islamic identity will be a failure.

Al-Adayleh called on those responsible for developing the curricula to stop tampering with the curricula and attempts to change its Arab and Islamic identity, which represents the title of society and the basis of its elevation and strength in the face of the societal pests Jordan is going through and the high crime rates, including drugs. It targets the security of the community, as these centers maintain the stability of the state and protect generations from falling into the muck of crime, which requires their care and support instead of restricting them and targeting them under the headings of the organization.”

Meanwhile, Representative Muhammad Abu Sa’ilek congratulated the students for their success, adding, “You are now in the first step of the steps of success that needs seriousness and perseverance from you to achieve excellence and distinction. He also stressed the need to adhere to the values ​​and principles of religion and not be drawn into sedition. He also stressed the need for every student to have a fingerprint. Distinguished in serving the homeland and the nation and serving their religion and authentic Islamic thought.

Abu Sa’ilek valued the efforts of the students and their families, stressing the need to continue on the path of success, giving and building in the service of the country and the issues of the nation, which will reflect positively on the students and society.

In a speech on behalf of the teachers’ union branch in Rusaifa, the teacher Khalil Salem congratulated the successful students and their families for the success and distinction they achieved, stressing the need for governments to take care of the youth, provide them with the required care and support, and give them the opportunity to contribute to the nation’s advancement, which requires fighting corruption and achieving freedoms, justice and equal opportunities.

Salem stressed the role of teachers in the process of student education, especially in light of the return of face-to-face education and compensation for what students have missed during the Corona pandemic, expressing the teachers’ union’s pride in the superiority achieved by high school students as a fruit contributed by teachers who offered in the hearts of students seriousness, diligence and belonging to the homeland and issues of the nation.

For her part, student Mays Fateh Hosni, in a speech on behalf of the outstanding students, valued the role of parents, teachers, and teachers, and the effort and care they provided for the students, and the success and distinction they achieved in order to build the nation and raise it, as well as the exchange of the Islamic Action Front Party to honor, celebrate and strengthen the students.

At the end of the ceremony, which was presented by a member of the party’s administrative board, Faris Al-Anani, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Party, Eng. Murad Al-Adayleh, honored the outstanding students with commemorative shields.

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