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“Higher Education”: Submission of applications for bridging, starting from the day after tomorrow, Tuesday

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publish date 2021-09-12 17:24:19

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The Unified Admission Coordination Unit / affiliated to the Higher Education Council at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research said in a statement issued today, Sunday, that the process of submitting electronic applications for the bridging program in public Jordanian universities will start from tomorrow morning, Tuesday, until twelve o’clock at night from the day Saturday, 09/18/2021, through the unit’s website at the following link: www.admhec.gov.jo.

Where the student enters the website referred to above and submits the application for enrollment and stores the options, and then pays the fee for submitting the application for admission in the official Jordanian universities, which amounts to (15) Jordanian dinars, using the electronic payment mechanism through the “Bill Payment Service from the Central Bank of Jordan.” “e-Faawateercom (eFAWATEERcom), according to the electronic payment number that appears to the student after storing his request, and this service is available through the payment channels that apply this service, and we mention the most important of them: the Jordan Post offices spread throughout the Kingdom, the personal bank account on the Internet, Branches of Jordanian banks and their ATMs, approved exchange shops (and to learn more about the mechanism for submitting the unified admission application, the approved payment channels, and the mechanism for paying the application fee, please visit the website of the Unified Admission Coordination Unit).
The unit wishes to draw the attention of dear students to the following:
First: The necessity of accessing the website of the Unified Admission Coordination Unit, in order to view its components, such as: the specializations of Jordanian universities corresponding to the specializations of community colleges, the conditions for joining them, their fees, tips and instructions, in order to benefit from this information, and help them submit an online application.
Second: All students wishing to make any modification to the application (previously stored options) can enter the software at any time, around the clock, during the period specified for the application process.
Third: The categories of students entitled to apply for admission are:

  1. The first (5%) successful students in the intermediate university degree exam (comprehensive exam) for the academic year 2020/2021, who were identified by Al-Balqa Applied University, provided that their specializations in the Community College Diploma have corresponding specializations in official Jordanian universities.
  2. Students who have obtained a community college diploma in previous years, provided that the student’s average in the comprehensive exam is at least (68%), except for students who wish to bridge to the disciplines of pharmacy, engineering and veterinary medicine, where their average is not less than (70%), and they must after submitting an application Enrollment Upload a copy of the comprehensive exam certificate (which includes the percentage average) as quickly as possible.
  3. Only students who have obtained a high school certificate/science stream are allowed to bridge the pharmacy major, and all students who want to bridge the pharmacy major must upload a copy of their high school transcript (whether the student is a graduate of the current year or previous years).

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