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Al-Isawy holds meetings with the sheikhs and dignitaries of Karak to follow up on the governorate’s demands

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publish date 2021-09-12 17:21:15

Under the directives of King Abdullah II, the Head of the Royal Hashemite Court and Head of the Follow-up Committee for the Implementation of Royal Initiatives, Youssef Hassan Al-Issawy, met, during five separate meetings, sheikhs, dignitaries and representatives of the local community in Karak Governorate, to follow up on the requests made during the King’s visit to the governorate on the fifth From the current September and stand on any other demands of the people of the province.

The requests, which were presented to the king, aim to improve the living conditions of the people of the province, and to establish and implement more development and operational royal initiatives, to provide job opportunities and reduce poverty.

Royal initiatives are implemented according to a comprehensive plan and specific timetables, in cooperation and coordination with relevant government agencies and civil society institutions, to ensure speedy implementation and achievement, and to enhance the provision of quality services to citizens in various sectors, in accordance with the highest standards and quality standards.

Al-Issawi stressed, during these meetings, which were held at the Royal Hashemite Court, that the King, during his meeting with the people in the Karak governorate, ordered the necessity of communicating with everyone and following up on all issues of concern to the people of the governorate, and proposals that would contribute to meeting the needs and providing quality services to citizens. In terms of implementing development ownership initiatives that take into account the features of each region, to provide job opportunities and improve living conditions.

He said that the Royal Hashemite Court will work in coordination with the government, the Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army, the Public Security Directorate and other concerned parties to study all requests and proposals, to be followed by the implementation of priority initiatives, which touch the basic needs of the people of the province.

Al-Issawi added that the Royal Hashemite Court will study the implementation of proposals or ideas through productive and operational ownership initiatives that provide job opportunities for the people of the province, in coordination and cooperation with the concerned government agencies.

He said that many royal initiatives have been implemented in many vital sectors in all districts of the governorate, pointing out that there are other initiatives that will focus in the coming period on income-generating productive projects and contribute to improving the living conditions of the target groups, especially supporting youth, empowering women and developing the local community. And projects that serve military retirees in the province.

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