The gasoline crisis in Lebanon continues… Unidentified persons seize a tanker

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publish date 2021-09-11 11:14:22

Unidentified persons detained a tanker loaded with gasoline at the junction of the town of Al-Husniya on the Abdeh-Halba highway in northern Lebanon, its destination was the town of Al-Bireh and the villages of Al-Dreeb Al-Awsat.

The residents of the area expressed “their dissatisfaction with this incident, given the loss of gasoline in the town’s stations, more than 15 days ago,” calling on the security authorities to “intervene and put an end to the acts of piracy and slander that some young men unlawfully carry out on public roads.”

Lebanon suffers from a crisis in hydrocarbons due to the dispute over the lifting of subsidies for this substance. Many citizens blocked roads in front of stations whose hoses had been raised, in protest at the failure to fill up fuel for cars waiting in queues.

(Lebanese press)

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