Sisi: The January Revolution was the announcement of a death certificate for the Egyptian state

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publish date 2021-09-11 18:10:00

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi confirmed, on Saturday, that the January 2011 revolution was an announcement of the death certificate of the Egyptian state, pointing out that imposing a certain cultural path on society is a dictatorial approach.

During the launch event of the National Strategy for Human Rights, Sisi explained: “I appreciate the martyrdom of 2 who were present in the first meeting after the events of 2011, Mr. Sherif Amer and Mr. Ibrahim Issa. We met with some and I said that the Egyptian state faces many challenges, economic, political, social, cultural, religious and media challenges. And the speech has not changed.”

Al-Sisi continued: “The meaning I wanted to mean here was that I did not want to live with freedom and social justice. At that time, I said that the revolution was a declaration. I said it now, after the world, I did not return and changed, it was in my estimation that it was a death certificate for a state. 2011 was the announcement of the death certificate of the Egyptian state as a result of the words we are talking about now.”

He continued: “The challenges that existed for a country that could have been based on 20 or 30 million (people), and became 80 or 90 million without developing everything, including education, culture, health and the rest of the issues related to society and its development… There were many challenges with an element that gnaws. In the mind and consciousness of man in Egypt for 90 years.”

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