In Beit Hanina… The story of Al-Maqdisi Fayez Izhiman with repeated demolition decisions

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publish date 2021-09-11 11:54:48

Since 2019, the Jerusalemite, Fayez Izhiman, has been suffering from the decisions and restrictions of the occupation. Every time he builds and renovates part of his house located in the town of Ben Hanina, the municipality comes and demands demolition; On the pretext of not having a permit, until she came recently and demanded that he completely demolish the walls of his house.

The owner of the house, Fayez Izhiman, told Wadi Hilweh Information Center what happened to him, saying, “In 2019, I started renovating my house, so the occupation municipality came and handed me a decision to stop the work, and in court it handed me a decision to demolish the first repair, and I had to forcibly demolish everything according to what they asked me to do. And I paid a fine of 90,000 shekels.”

He continued, “After the first demolition, I repaired the house and built again because it is the only housing I have in Jerusalem. I live with my wife and two children, and in June of 2020, the municipality came again and demanded that I demolish forcibly for a specific time, or they will demolish them in exchange for exorbitant amounts.” … So I had to forcibly demolish my own hands, which are the same hands that populated the house.”

Izhiman demolished his daughter’s room and the roof of the house, and replaced it with a wooden roof as requested by the occupation municipality. The municipality told him that what he had done was good according to the required specifications, but the surprise was when he recently went to court.

Regarding these moments, Izhiman added, “I was surprised by their request to completely demolish the walls, then the municipality crews came and put the signs on the walls of the house and identified the demolition areas for self-implementation, and they gave me until the 10th of the next month, and here I started demolishing and there is a court on the same date and we hope that this file will end “.

Despite all these constant restrictions, Izhiman affirmed his stability and rootedness in the land, along with his family and his daughter, who will be born after several months. He described this as the rooting of the olive tree in the ground.

He continued, “We build with our own hands and demolish with it, and this is the cost of living in Jerusalem, but we will stay in it and will endure despite all these persecutions, and we will not leave this country, and I temporarily rented a house next to my house because my house is open and there is no door or window, and I will always stay close to my house until If it becomes rubble, I will drink my coffee in it daily.”


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