Reports: Facebook is developing custom processors to update “artificial intelligence” technologies

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publish date 2021-09-10 19:43:29

International press reports revealed that the American company “Facebook” decided to develop its own processors, to develop technologies concerned with “artificial intelligence”.

The report, published on the specialized technical website Engadget, indicated that Facebook will develop its own server segments, to reduce its dependence on other companies such as “Intel” or “Qualcomm”.

And Facebook will put these new processors in its data centers to run machine learning tasks and algorithms that it puts for its social networking site, and improve the quality of its videos in its live broadcasts.

Facebook is working to reduce other companies’ so-called “carbon footprint” within its own processors.

“Our company is exploring to drive higher levels of computing performance and energy efficiency with all of our partners, but currently we cannot comment on reports of our future plans,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

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