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When does winter time start in Jordan for 2021?

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publish date 2021-09-11 12:58:53

With the end of summer and the advent of autumn in Jordan, the time for changing the clock and the start of winter time is approaching, by delaying the clock by 60 minutes.

When does winter time start in Jordan for 2021?

It is expected that the winter time will begin in the Kingdom this year, starting from the dawn of Friday, which falls on the twenty-ninth of next October, by delaying the clock by 60 minutes at one o’clock in the morning.

Winter time will continue for this year for approximately 5 months until work returns to summer time, by advancing the clock by 60 minutes from midnight on the last Thursday/Friday of March of each year.

This comes in implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers taken in 2013, which stipulates that winter time will start working on the last Friday in October of each year.

According to astronomical calculations, it is expected that the fall season will begin astronomically on 9-22-2021, in the northern part of the globe, which is the day of the autumnal equinox, so that night and day are completely equal throughout the globe on that day, as a result of the sun perpendicular to The equator on its virtual journey to the south.

Starting on 9-22-2021, the night begins to gradually gain additional minutes from the day in the northern hemisphere, as the night hours become longer than the daytime hours, which works to gradually decrease the temperature of the northern part of the globe, but this does not prevent From the formation of heat waves sometimes in the Arab region, especially at the beginning of the autumn season.

This date is also considered the beginning of one long night that lasts 6 months in the Arctic region, as it prepares for the entry of the astronomical winter during the month of December.

Through this day, citizens can accurately determine their geographical locations, as the sun rises completely from the east and sets exactly in the west.

When does the fall semester begin in meteorology and what is the difference between the two beginnings?

Wednesday, September 1, 2021, marks the beginning of the autumn season in terms of meteorology, in the Northern Hemisphere. It extends until November 30, after which winter begins on December 1.

The importance of the autumnal equinox and the fall season

The astronomical significance of the date of the autumnal equinox and the fall season lies in 10 main things:

In the Arctic, a very long night begins, lasting for a full 6 months, until the spring equinox 2022.

In the Antarctic region, it begins with a very long day, lasting for a full 6 months, until March 2022.

Autumn begins “astronomically” in the northern hemisphere, while spring begins in the southern hemisphere.

The sun is completely perpendicular to the equator at this date, and no shadow is formed at noon in the places where this line passes.

Day and night are equal on this day in all regions of the globe.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

During this day, everyone on Earth can determine the exact directions.

After this date, the nights become longer and the days shorter in the northern hemisphere

Autumn is the actual start of the rainy season in many Arab countries.

Autumn lasts 91 days until the winter solstice on December 21.

Finally, temperatures decrease in the northern hemisphere, and rise in the southern hemisphere.

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