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Tribal gesture against the background of the murder of young Nizar Kazan (document)

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publish date 2021-09-11 18:48:49

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Today, Saturday, the Kazan Atwa clan granted a clan recognition to the Al-Omari clan for a period of 3 months, against the background of the killing of their son, the pharmacist Dr. Nizar Walid Kazan, as a result of his gunshot wounds, about 10 days ago.

The award came today, after a great authority that included notables and sheikhs of the kingdom’s clans went to the office of the Kazan family, in the town of Al-Sareeh in Irbid governorate, headed by the deputy, Muhammad Jaradat, to take a confession to the killing, while speaking on behalf of the Kazan clan, the engineer Hisham Al-Tal.

The clan stipulated in the tribal reconciliation deed, which was reviewed by the electronic newspaper “Akhbar Al-Jordan”, that the murderer should not be appointed a lawyer, that all tribal and civil rights be preserved, that the killer be executed, and that an official statement be issued by the Al-Omari clan to denounce the crime.

It is noteworthy that the security services took a security package from the Kazan clan last Saturday, for a period of 3 days, against the background of the killing of Nizar Kazan.

The Public Security Directorate had confirmed the arrest of the suspect, who had opened fire on Kazan while he was driving in his vehicle on the second of September, in the Yadoudeh area in the capital, Amman, which caused his death.

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