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A black market for fodder with the spread of fake livestock holdings

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publish date 2021-09-11 15:31:00

More than 1.6 million head of livestock registered fictitiously in Jordan, whose owners receive government support through the feed they receive, are converted to sale on the black market.

Cattle owners and breeders have complained about the high prices of fodder, and they have been forced to buy it from the black market at prices of about 220 dinars per ton of barley, which is sold at the price subsidized by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply at 175 dinars per ton.

The reason for the complaints is the presence of people who have records of livestock ownership, and in fact they do not have them. They compete with the owners of real property in receiving the prescribed quotas. The livestock from him are the fodder distribution centers.

Livestock breeders demanded that the support provided by the government be in cash for them to direct to other expenses water, transportation and veterinary medicines in exchange for liberalizing the price of fodder to curb the black market phenomenon and trade in fodder distributed by the government.

The expected government support this year for fodder is expected to exceed 100 million dinars, according to identical statements by government officials for many reasons related to shipping sources of supply.

Agriculture reduced by 20% of the number of livestock for each holding owner in an effort to control the numbers that are sold or slaughtered, pledging at the same time that it will return the amount due to each holding owner after verifying his ownership of the livestock.

Earlier, the Minister of Agriculture, Khaled Al-Hanaifat, confirmed that the ministry had implemented its previous decision, which has not been implemented for three years, to reduce the quantities of fodder provided at subsidized prices to sheep breeders by 20 percent.
Al-Hanaifat said, in a press statement, on Wednesday, that the decision is an annual administrative decision, and depends on the calculations of reducing the number of sheep by 20%, distributed over 10% replacement, 5% slaughter, and 5% death.
Al-Hanaifat attributed the decision to counting the number of animal holdings estimated at 4.8 million heads, which is an unreal number, as the actual number is estimated at 3.4 million heads, as this procedure will contribute to counting the number of animal holdings by about 3.8 million heads.
According to Al-Hanaifat, the real owners will not be affected by this decision, if they review the directorates of agriculture and fill out a form for the verification committees, as the full amount allocated will be returned in the following month.
He pointed out that the aim of the procedure is to deliver support to those who deserve it, who own real holdings, and not to allow fictitious owners to trade in farmers’ rights.
He directed to suspend the decision on the owners of real holders, and to quickly verify the numbers, and instruct the directorates of agriculture to quickly deal with sheep breeders on this matter, in a way that ensures that no harm is inflicted on the owners of real holders.


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