Arrest of a teacher who assaulted a student in Irbid.. and reconciliation may end the crisis

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Today, Saturday, the electronic newspaper, “Akhbar Al-Jordan”, learned that the teacher who hit the student Aws, Thursday, at Al-Manara School in Bani Kinana District in Irbid Governorate, was arrested, after the student’s parents filed a complaint with the relevant authorities.

The source indicated that the public prosecutor decided to arrest the teacher based on the complaint, and that investigations had begun with him to reveal the circumstances of the incident.

For their part, the teacher’s parents concluded a clan deed of reconciliation with the student’s family, and they assumed all financial expenses resulting from the student’s treatment in the hospital until his full recovery, provided that the tribal deed would be presented to the public prosecutor tomorrow in preparation for sponsoring the teacher.

He was the uncle of the student, and he explained the details of the beating incident, which angered the Jordanians.
Obeida Al-Awdat said, in press statements yesterday, Friday, that according to what his assaulted nephew told him, he was holding a lemon in his hand and eating from it, so the teacher asked him to get rid of it.
But Aws did not understand what the teacher asked of him, as he has poor comprehension and difficulty in perceiving since childhood, or as it is said in the colloquial language that he is “al-baraka”, according to Al-Awdat.
He continued, that Aws told his teacher, “I don’t understand you, professor.” And then the teacher started hitting Aws, as he grabbed his head and started hitting him with the seat he was sitting on, which led to his eye out of its place, then he threw him on the ground using his hands and feet and Aws chair to hit him.
Al-Awdat added that despite the students’ attempt to distance the teacher from their colleague, he refused, and continued his criminal act until the students left the classroom until the teachers and the principal came and removed him from Aws.
He stressed that contact with the student’s family has been made to request his health card, provided that the incident changes as if Auss fell from the stairs and suffered some light bruises.
Al-Awdat continued, that Aws was transferred to a government hospital, while the school claimed that he fell from the stairs, but the hospital refused to receive him; Due to a suspicion of criminality, he was then transferred to Princess Basma Hospital.
He added that the doctor supervising the student’s condition told his relatives that he suffers from bleeding in the eye and some scattered bruises on his body, and it is necessary for him to be monitored so that the medical staff can start treating his eye.
And between Al-Awdat, the professor (A.S.) has precedence in assaulting the students, pointing out that the attack on Aws took place in the fifth class, and in the second class, the professor slapped one of the students on the neck, which left him with a bloody bruise from the force. smack.
The student’s uncle denied the existence of any prior family disputes with the teacher who assaulted Aws, stressing that he is from the same clan, and that he does not suffer from any mental illnesses.
Al-Awdat pointed out that the professor has not been arrested to this day, and the search for him is still ongoing.
For his part, the media spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, Dr. Ahmed Al-Masa’fa, said that the Minister of Education, Dr. Muhammad Abu Qadis, followed up on the attack, and the Director of Education was immediately asked to form a committee to investigate the incident of corporal punishment inflicted by the teacher on the student.
Abu Qadis also directed that the results of the investigation be sent to the ministry; To take the necessary measures against the teacher according to the civil service system.

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