Taliban plans to declare its leader Akhundzada the emir of Afghanistan

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The spokesman for the political office of the Taliban, Muhammad Naim, said that the leader of the movement, Hebatullah Akhundzada, will be the emir of the country, while the name of the expected prime minister has not yet been determined. The movement also rejected the offer of the leader of the so-called popular uprising in Afghanistan, Ahmed Masoud, to stop the fighting in the state of Panjshir, The last Afghan province outside the control of the Taliban, which said that it had extended its control over most of the districts of Panjshir, except for its center.

The spokesman for the political office of the Taliban added that the efforts to form the government are continuing and may be announced within days, and the head of the political office of the movement, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, said two days ago that the movement is in the process of forming an inclusive government that represents all spectrums of the Afghan people.

And Reuters news agency – earlier last Friday – quoted sources in the Taliban movement as saying that Mullah Baradar will head the next Afghan government. The sources added that Mullah Muhammad Yaqoub – the son of the movement’s founder, Mullah Muhammad Omar – will be assigned a high position in the government, along with Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai, deputy head of the Taliban’s political office.

Another Taliban official stated that the movement’s leader, Hebatullah Akhundzadeh, would focus on religious matters and governance within the framework of Islamic law.

Masoud’s invitation

On the field level, the Taliban rejected the offer of the local leader of the state of Panjshir (northeastern Afghanistan) Ahmed Masoud, his willingness to stop the fighting in the rugged mountainous state, and hold talks if the Taliban withdrew from the state, with the movement controlling all seven districts of the state.

Masoud added on the Facebook page of the so-called popular uprising that he welcomed the proposal of the Ulema Council to hold talks to end the fighting in Panjshir. Panjshir.

In response to Masoud’s offer, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political office said that “there is nothing left to negotiate with Ahmed Masoud after he rejected our peace offer two weeks ago,” referring to the movement’s efforts to control Panjshir province in a peaceful manner in the past period before it launched an attack a few days ago. The area after the refusal of local leaders to hand it over without a fight.

Sources told Al Jazeera that Fahim Dashti, spokesman for Ahmed Masoud’s office, was killed during clashes in Panjshir.

The Taliban took control of all Afghan provinces – except for Panjshir – three weeks ago when they swept into the capital Kabul on August 15 after the collapse of the Western-backed government and the flight of President Ashraf Ghani from the country, coinciding with the withdrawal of the last foreign forces from Afghanistan.

field situation

A spokesman for the political office of the Taliban said earlier today in a bulletin to Al-Jazeera that the movement is close to controlling the center of the state of Panjshir after controlling all the districts of the state, and the same spokesman added that any forces that join the movement in Banshjir will not face any problems, noting that The Taliban’s strategy since the beginning of their campaign to take over the country has been to ensure the safety of everyone who joins them, he said.

On the other hand, local sources told Al Jazeera that the so-called “popular uprising” forces led by Ahmed Masoud blew up a bridge in the Dolansank district after Taliban fighters crossed it, which led to the besieging of more than a thousand of the movement’s fighters in the areas controlled by the local forces.

These forces have threatened that they will kill the besieged fighters of the movement if the Taliban forces do not lift the siege imposed on the Panjshir Valley, and stop the fighting.

And a spokesman for the Popular Uprising Forces, Fahim Dashti, tweeted – on his Twitter account – that the warring forces with the Taliban expelled all the movement’s militants from Parian district, and added that about a thousand Taliban fighters were either killed, wounded or held captive, after the exit road was closed behind them.

The province of Panjshir is a rugged mountainous area north of the capital, Kabul, and extends for a length of 115 kilometers.

The province of Panjshir was a symbol of resistance to the Soviet occupation, as it withstood for nearly a decade in the face of that occupation, as it was resistant to the control of the Taliban during their rule of Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001.

human side

On the other hand, today, Sunday, a Qatari plane arrived at Kabul International Airport carrying urgent relief aid to the Afghan people, provided by the Qatar Charity Association and the Qatar Red Crescent, with the aim of providing the urgent necessary needs.

The Qatari ambassador to Kabul, Saeed bin Mubarak Al-Khayarin, said that the arrival of this plane comes as part of a daily air bridge that will continue in the coming days. In the past few days, other Qatari planes arrived in the Afghan capital carrying technical equipment and supplies to repair Kabul Airport.

Late last month, the International Organization for Migration said that half of Afghanistan’s 40 million people, including 10 million children, need humanitarian assistance since the beginning of the year, and expected these needs to increase.

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