When brushing your teeth, a sign that you are at risk of a heart attack

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A recent medical study raised the alarm, as it revealed that more than 4 out of every 5 deaths from cardiovascular diseases occur due to heart attacks.

The study showed that the early signs of a heart attack are few, but there is one of them that indicates the possibility of the emergence of a risk of infection during brushing teeth.

As with most cardiovascular diseases, a heart attack occurs when one or more coronary arteries are blocked, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Express”.

An impending heart attack is often signaled by a sensation of tightness or pressure in the center of the chest, while one of the most important risk factors for the condition is being overweight, with increasing research pointing to “bacteria as a possible culprit”.

When bacteria enter the blood and travel to the heart, they can cause fatal infections in the inner lining of any organs in the body.

Now, the new study has identified a common condition, periodontitis, also known as gum disease, that can increase the risk of germs entering the bloodstream, leading to a heart attack.

An early sign of this condition is bleeding gums during tooth brushing, which usually occurs during gingivitis, a milder form of periodontitis.

Although bleeding gums is relatively common, it should not be ignored. It is possible to reverse periodontitis in its early stages easily.

However, more advanced and severe forms of the disease can pave the way for other serious illnesses.

Furthermore, some oral surveys have indicated that at any one time, one in four adults has moderate to severe gum disease.

Signs and symptoms of the condition include:

Swollen or swollen gums

Bright red, dark red, or purple gums

Gums that feel sore when touched

Spitting up blood when brushing or flossing your teeth

Bad breath

Pus between the teeth and gums

The study, which was conducted in Sweden and included 1,578 participants with an average age of 62 years, who underwent dental examinations between 2010 and 2014, says that 985 patients were classified as healthy, while 489 had intermediate periodontitis and 113 had periodontitis. severe.

During the follow-up period of 6.2 years, there were 205 ‘clinical end point’ events defined as all-cause death, non-fatal heart attack, stroke, or acute heart failure.

The researchers noted that participants who had periodontitis at baseline had a 49 percent higher odds of the primary end points listed above.

The deposition of germs in the lining of the heart is referred to as endocarditis and is usually caused by bacteria, fungi or other germs entering the body through the mouth.

During the early stages of gingivitis, gingivitis caused by bacteria can develop in as little as 5 days, making it necessary to treat symptoms as soon as they appear.

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