For the sake of birds.. Egypt closes windmills

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publish date 2021-09-06 08:35:50

The Environmental Affairs Agency in Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate recently announced the closure of windmills, to protect flocks of migratory birds.

This decision comes in accordance with the fulfillment of Egypt’s international obligations to protect migratory birds and complete their life cycle, without exposing them to any problems resulting from their collision with windmills.

Dr. Magdy Allam, an environmental expert and former Deputy Minister of Environment, said: “The decision to stop the mills is very important to save migratory birds from colliding with these giant fans, as the bird does not realize from its high speed that it is a moving thing, so it continues its path towards it as an air vortex, so it collides with it and dies. . Therefore, all types of wind-generated energy are dealt with and some of them stopped temporarily, to prevent any destructive effects on the paths of those birds.”

The most important paths of the globe

And the environmental expert continued, in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “The paths of bird migration in Egypt from north to south are considered the most important paths across the globe. The numbers of birds on their legs are followed up and reported to international bodies.”

The consultant of the World Climate Program explained that: “Bird migration paths are followed by nearly 26 million bird-watching tourists, and this represents an increase in the accumulation of bird-watching enthusiasts across the continents, which is thus linked to fluctuations and climate conditions.”

Environmental law warns

The Egyptian Environmental Law warns against “hunting, killing, catching birds, wild animals and aquatic organisms, possessing, transporting, exporting, importing, or trading in them, alive or dead, or carrying out acts that would destroy their natural habitats, change their natural properties or habitats, or damage them.” its nests, or the culling of its eggs or offspring.”

And the former Deputy Minister of Environment added, “One of the most important negatives facing migratory birds, especially the soaring eagles, is the reflections of the sun’s rays on solar panels, so that the birds appear to be water lakes, and they collide with them and die. Therefore, the New Energy Authority has made guidelines and techniques that limit the spread of the virus. The negative effects of this phenomenon are to avoid birds colliding with solar panels.”

world parliament for the environment

At the same time, Dr. Wafik Naseer, a member of the World Parliament for the Environment, points out that: “Wind energy is one of the new and renewable energies that the world is turning to, but this must be taken into consideration, as the World Parliament has repeatedly pointed out that these windmills that Energy produces the cause of the death of birds.”

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