Any dietary behavior to deter cancer?

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The Russian doctor, Alexander Myasnikov, highlighted the foods that should be added to the diet, and the ones that should be avoided to fight cancer.

He said: “Previously, it was recommended to eat foods and vitamins to prevent cancer. But experts do not have evidence of the effectiveness of these foods and vitamins, such as vitamin D, calcium and tomatoes.”

He continued: “Do not focus on certain types of food, but consume what you like. There is no need to force oneself to eat a particular food, but foods should not contain high calories. Being overweight is a risk factor for breast and bowel cancer, and at the same time it should not be reduced. It is preferable to focus on vegetables and fruits.

According to Myasnikov, “Foods that should be included in the diet include legumes, garlic, green tea, and fish, as opposed to eating less meat.”

He added, “As for the foods that stimulate cancer, they are all types that cause obesity, because they increase the level of insulin. In contrast, diabetes mellitus is a sign of insulin insensitivity. Diabetics are 8 times more likely to get cancer.”

He pointed out that “salt tops this list because it is a clear factor in stomach cancer. Until 1950, this cancer was at the forefront of oncological diseases. The reason is that until the second half of the twentieth century there were no refrigerators, and all foods were preserved using salt. Since 2016, salt has been officially considered a carcinogen, as has cigarettes, alcohol and chemicals. There are currently 47 percent of cancers caused by smoking, 20 percent by poor nutrition, and 17 percent by pathological infections.”

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