6 tips to take care of nails and keep them healthy .. “Change the file every once in a while”

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Whether you do your own nail polish at home or get it at a beauty parlour, and if you enjoy getting a good manicure often, your nail can likely become weak from nail polish constantly, especially if proper nail care isn’t followed.

It’s important to pay attention to the health of your nails as well, as brittle or easily breakable nails are all signs that your nails need a break and some extra care.missmaliniSome simple tips to take better care of nails and keep them in perfect health:

1. Wet your nails:

Just like your skin, your nails need hydration too, so when applying lotion spend some extra time moisturizing your nails and hands. You can use Vaseline, essential oils, or a good hand cream.

The bottom line is to ensure the nails are always moisturized, and the best time to do this process is at night because there will be no transfer of oils to the things you touch.


2. Skin care around the nails:

Dealing with excessive skin tightening, especially in the opposite direction of its growth, is a bad idea. Instead, soak your nails in warm soapy water to keep skin smooth and clean. Do this every two days for a few minutes and finish by applying a cuticle oil to help nourish it.

Nail skin care
Nail skin care

3. Proper removal is key:

Gel polishes and acrylic nails are everywhere, and although they are beautiful with a great finish, they also last longer, and because of that, they can damage your original nails if the proper removal process is not followed.

If the nail tears or the nail polish flakes don’t break, don’t peel or remove it yourself, this will only end up peeling the nail layers, so head to your salon and let the professionals handle it.

Skin tag removal
Skin tag removal

4. Don’t over file your nails.

File and buff your nails isn’t bad but it’s good but balance is essential. Don’t over-file your nails because it can strip away the protective surface layer of your nail, making it thinner and weaker. Plus, do it only once or twice a month.

Don't over file your nails
Don’t over file your nails

5. Replace the nail file:

Metal nail files are prone to causing cracks and cuts on the tips of your nails, and this makes them break easily, so consider switching between files, this will greatly reduce the chances of causing small tears and cuts to your nails.

Change the nail file
Change the nail file

6. Let your nails breathe.

It can be hard to leave your nails unpolished, but it’s essential to let them breathe from time to time. Take a break from polishing and salon appointments, let your natural nails shine, and maintain a healthy diet.

The focus should be on getting healthy and strong nails in the long run, so cut your nails and try to keep them short to make sure they have a strong foundation for them to grow from, and don’t forget to keep them moisturized.

Leave your nails without a manicure
Leave your nails without a manicure


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