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Thwarting a terrorist attempt targeting the “Irbid Intelligence” building

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publish date 2021-09-06 06:46:20

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The General Intelligence Department managed to thwart a terrorist attempt targeting the Irbid Intelligence Directorate building during the month of March.

The details of this case, according to the indictment, state that “3 defendants”, supporters of the terrorist gang of ISIS, planned to target the Irbid intelligence building and its employees, with firearms. terrorist.

The details of the case are summarized according to the indictment, that the three defendants are supporters of the terrorist gang of ISIS, and have previously been referred to the State Security Court on cases of promoting the ideas of a terrorist group, and attempting to join armed groups and terrorist organizations, and have been convicted of those cases, and are serving their sentences in a reform and rehabilitation center And despite their presence in prison, this did not deter them from changing their convictions towards the terrorist organization ISIS, and they continued to support and promote it, and the first and second defendants were talking among themselves about the organization’s achievements, and promoting it that it is right.

During the presence of the first accused in the Reform and Rehabilitation Center, who had become carrying the takfiri ideology, a conviction was born that a cell must be formed and carried out military operations on the Jordanian arena, in support of the organization, by targeting the security services and their employees, and in implementation of what was determined, the first accused began By searching for elements supporting the organization to participate with him in carrying out military operations after the completion of his sentence, and presenting the matter to the second accused, who agreed to that, and pledged allegiance to him to hear and obey, and they agreed that the role of the second accused, because he had been sentenced for a long time, is to attract a number of supporters of the organization, and include them For the cell to assist the first accused in carrying out his criminal scheme, in support of the organization, after their release from prison.

During the past year, the sentence of the first accused expired, and he was released from prison, and he continued his support for ISIS, defending them, in front of his family and friends, glorifying his achievements and winning their supporters, because of his conviction that they are the caliphate state.

At the end of last year, the first accused met with the third, more than once, and they exchanged news of the ISIS gang, to reinforce their conviction of the legitimacy of the organization, and the third accused continued, during the same period, to promote the ideas of the terrorist organization ISIS, to his friends and acquaintances, in order to convince them of it, by sending news and organization versions of them.

At the beginning of this year, the first accused set the target to implement his terrorist plan on him, which is the Irbid intelligence building, as he inspected its entrances and exits, as it is close to his place of residence, where he reviewed it more than once, and decided to buy a firearm to be used in the implementation process, waiting for the accused to be sent The second, who is inside the prison, has elements supporting the organization, in order to participate with him in carrying out the terrorist attack on the Irbid intelligence building. However, on the third of last March, the first accused was arrested, which prevented the implementation of the terrorist plot, and the third accused was arrested on the tenth of last March. And the investigation with the second convicted of other cases, and as a result of that, the prosecution took place.

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