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The application of the first clan jalwa was limited to the perpetrator, his children and his father in Amman

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publish date 2021-09-05 23:38:09

On Sunday, the Capital Governorate implemented the first tribal application that was limited to the perpetrator, his sons and his father, after the Ministry of Interior recently approved a clan document that stipulates this.

The governor of the capital, Yasser Al-Adwan, said that “Jordan applied on Sunday for the first time the clan jalwa with a new concept that applies only to the perpetrator, his sons and his father, without any party in the family affected by this banishment,” as “those included in the jalwa disappear from view and return only with the approval of the people of the city.” the victim, and for a period to be determined by a clan agreement,” according to tribal judges

He added to Al-Mamlaka, “The crime that implemented Al-Jalwa in its new concept, took place in the Sweileh area 3 months ago, and the perpetrator, his brothers, his father and uncles were evacuated; Because of the insistence of the victim’s family on this, however, with the passage of time and with the dialogue with them, the victim’s brother decided that the ablution should be limited to the perpetrator, his children and his father.

Al-Jalwa is defined as “the deportation of the offender’s family from the area in which the victim’s family resides,” according to the amended draft law (2016) of the Crime Prevention Law (1954).

Al-Adwan explained that “this agreement is the first after the signing of the new tribal document and its circulation to the governors of the Ministry of Interior and the start of work on it,” pointing out that “the document is a gradual step to work on the erosion of the concept of tribal jilwa in Jordanian society.”

The governor pointed out that the instrument of agreement came “to achieve societal peace and security, and in accordance with the desire of the people of Jordanian society in all its spectrums, and the consensus of all those concerned with humanitarian, social and clan affairs on the need to put in place the necessary controls to organize the clan jalwa and limit its effects and consequences, according to what was stated in the draft (control of the jilwa). Tribalism) which was recently submitted by the Ministry of Interior.

According to the agreement that took place in the Capital Governorate on Sunday, the attendance of the blood guardians in the aforementioned murder case stressed the importance of clan customs, as they represent a reference for many clans in the Arab world, and based on the principles of forgiveness, tolerance, forgiveness, generosity, good neighborliness and high morals.

And they called for “the necessity of the commitment of the people of Jordanian society with all its origins and duties to the document presented by the Ministry of Interior to control the clan jalwa, which is an opportunity for everyone to keep abreast of the developments and changes that have occurred in the conditions of Jordanian society, which complement previous efforts in this direction.”

The blood guardians “expressed their support for this document and their complete agreement with the desire of the people of Jordanian society in all its sects and the consensus of all those concerned with humanitarian, social and clan affairs, and their lack of objection to the return of the evacuees to the Sweileh area without condition or restriction, which resulted in the return of the perpetrator’s uncle.”

Al-Adwan thanked the families of the victim; For their cooperation and efforts in reducing the limit applied to the offender’s family and limiting it to the limits of the document of controlling the clan jalwa.

According to the draft, “the jalwa includes only the offender, his children and his father only, and that its term does not exceed one year, renewable with the approval of the competent administrative governor based on the recommendation of the security council of the governorate or the brigade as the case may be, and that it be from one brigade to one within the same governorate” according to Article 16 / b of the draft.

This came despite the issuance of the “Law No. 34 of Repealing Tribal Laws” in 1976 – including the laws of clan courts, the establishment of a tribal appeals court, and the supervision of the Bedouins – and its publication in the Official Gazette on page (1299) of issue (2629).

Article (9) of the Jordanian constitution states that “a Jordanian may not be prohibited from residing in a certain place, or prevented from moving, or not obliged to reside in a particular place except in the cases specified in the law.”

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