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Editor Sultan Al-Ajlouni reveals important details about Gilboa Prison

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publish date 2021-09-06 14:15:21

The freed Jordanian prisoner, Sultan Al-Ajwani, wrote two posts on his personal Facebook page, in which he revealed important details about Gilboa Prison, the most fortified, from which six Palestinian prisoners escaped today, Monday.

Al-Ajlouni said in his first publication:

Shall I give you more poetry?

Shavin to inside the yellow frame?

A 3-letter abbreviation of three words: סיכוי גבוה לבריחה, which means “high probability of escape.” These words are on the prisoners’ ID cards and mean that they must be scrutinized and especially wary of them.

Do you now know the extent of the failure and shock of the occupation security services?

He added in another post:

The operation #grabbing _ freedom / escape that took place tonight took place from the same place from which a previous escape attempt took place 7 years ago

Former commander of the northern sector in the prison administration: Officers and jailers are afraid of prisoners

This prison is called “Al-Qassa” or “Al-Khazneh” due to the severity of its fortification

Each room consists of 66 tons of concrete

Al-Ajlouni was arrested in Israeli prisons on November 13, 1990, after he stormed an Israeli site after crossing the Jordanian border heading to Palestine, killing a Border Police soldier with the rank of major, called “Pinhas Levy” – the brother of the former commander of the Jerusalem Brigade in the Israeli police. Mickey Levy.”

He was transferred to Qafqafa prison in Jordan as part of an agreement between the government of Marouf al-Bakhit and the Israeli government stipulating their release from captivity after any prisoner exchange between “Israel” and Hezbollah. Gafta 13 months. Noting that he tied the knot with his brother, the martyr Youssef Al Rawashdeh, who was martyred in a heroic operation in the Ghor, while he was in Qafqa Prison, where the government gave them a weekly day off.

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