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Death in a traffic accident on Naour Road

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publish date 2021-09-06 09:50:03

A person died this morning, Sunday, as a result of an accident involving a freight vehicle on Naour Road, citing the cause of the accident as a result of the vehicle’s loss of control.

The foreign patrols also explained the cause of a traffic accident that occurred in Al-Dibbah Plain in Mafraq Governorate on Sunday to the explosion of the front tire of the freight vehicle, which led to the death of a citizen, according to what Amn FM radio reported on Monday.

The external patrols called for the maintenance of vehicles on a regular basis, to avoid the driver from getting into accidents and avoiding traffic obstacles.

The Foreign Patrols Department had previously said that a traffic campaign was implemented on all roads in order to control all traffic violations, especially high-speed violations, driving in the opposite direction of traffic, and violating the use of a mobile phone.

In a related context, the Traffic Department confirmed that the random queuing in front of schools threatens the safety of students and confuses traffic.

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