A child crying everyone .. She wrote a painful will before her departure

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With an unimaginable message, the Egyptian girl Marina increased the hearts of her loved ones to part from her after saying goodbye to life under the pressure of the pain of cancer.

This commandment raised the alarm for mistakes in dealing with a sick child that may hasten his death, or make him swallow the bitterness of despair and sadness while waiting for death to knock on his door.

The 8-year-old girl left a handwritten letter in which she was noticeably interested at this age in things that many at her age do not pay attention to, such as washing and shrouding, so she wrote on the page of her brochure in a childish handwriting: “I am dying very close, I am sure, in a voice you say, I am dying close.” .

She asked her mother not to see her or participate in her washing except for those whom she mentioned to her by name from her family.

It is also remarkable that she appealed to her mother not to grieve or cry: “Do not wear black clothes and do not cry (do not cry) and “Turn on the TV.” She also asked her family to distribute cakes, biscuits and a disk (a kind of baked goods).

Marina was diagnosed with lower tongue cancer years ago. Doctors tried to save her from his clutches with several surgeries and chemotherapy sessions, to no avail.

This letter, which she wrote months ago and which surprised her family after her death, and in which no one expects in the mind of a child, warns of the need to pay attention to the proper way of treating children with serious illnesses; So that we do not add psychological burdens to them as a result of their exposure to feelings of despair or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

And mental health consultant Walid Hindi told “Sky News Arabia” that no less than 3 percent of obsessive-compulsive disorder suffer from incurable diseases, such as cancer, which causes them to constantly feel anxious about death.

Hindi points out that this feeling precipitates the death of his owner and makes him constantly thinking and preoccupied with death, dying moments, and funeral ceremonies. This anxiety is accompanied by mental images and a feeling of angels or voices, as happened with the child Marina.

Walid Hindi explains that Marina’s writing of her will while she is still a child is a type of projection, which the child uses to express his inner feelings, either by writing or drawing.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder and immunity

The mental health consultant also warns that the efficiency of the immune system is affected by anxiety, depression, and a sense of despair of recovery. Which negatively affects the stages of recovery.

Dr. Heba Ali, a consultant in mental health and behavioral counseling, agrees with Walid Hindi in this regard, and adds that the child is affected by what he sees as the despair and feelings of parents, especially in incurable diseases such as cancer, and perhaps the feelings and commandments that Marina planned for her sense of responsibility towards her parents not to grieve for her. ; She realized that death was approaching, and she sensed from those around her the features of the end, so she expressed her with that commandment.

Walid Hindi sends a message to everyone who has a patient: “Do not despair and do not show signs of despair. Teach children to grow a small plant. Bring joy and hope to the souls of these patients, and do not make them feel the inevitable end. Plant hope in their souls to strengthen their immunity and resist disease.”

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