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The King stresses the need to develop the economic situation as quickly as possible in conjunction with the fight against the epidemic

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publish date 2021-09-05 19:21:17

On Sunday, King Abdullah II met with sheikhs, dignitaries and representatives of the local community in Karak Governorate, as part of the king’s communicative approach with the various sons and daughters of the country.

During the meeting, which was attended by Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, the King expressed his pride in the people of Karak Governorate, and his happiness to continue his field visits, and to meet with parents in various governorates of the Kingdom, after the circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic.

He pointed out that the start of the return of life to normal requires a commitment to taking the Corona virus vaccine for those who did not receive it, especially school and university students, stressing the importance of developing the economic situation as quickly as possible in conjunction with fighting the epidemic seriously.

The King indicated that he assigned the government to focus on addressing economic and social challenges, and to work harder to exploit the available investment opportunities, support the private sector, and facilitate procedures for it.

He stressed the importance of focusing on tourism for its significant contribution to the economy, indicating the importance of Karak benefiting from its industrial, agricultural and tourism advantages, especially religious tourism; To reflect positively on the people of the province.

He stressed that Jordan’s role in the region was and will remain central and pivotal, pointing out that there is strong cooperation between Jordan, Egypt and Iraq politically, and that the goal is to develop matters economically and in cooperation with the brothers in the Gulf.

King Abdullah II, accompanied by Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, also visited the Manaseer Industrial Complex in Qatraneh, which provides about 750 direct job opportunities, in addition to about 2500 indirect job opportunities.

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