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“Health” announces the names of vaccination centers for tomorrow – details

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publish date 2021-09-04 23:34:51

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The Ministry of Health announced the names of the vaccination centers in which vaccines are available to protect against infection with the emerging corona virus, indicating the type of vaccine and the number of doses in each center, for tomorrow, Sunday.

According to the ministry, some centers include vaccination with the “Pfizer” vaccine (the first and second doses), for those who wish to take the first dose for those who are behind schedule, and the first dose for ages 12 years and over, without a prior appointment, and the second dose for those who received the first dose of a vaccine. Pfizer” before the date of last July 10 (without specifying an appointment), and the second dose for the pre-programmed appointments, and for those who missed taking the second dose, and to know these centers please click here.

As for the “Sinopharma” vaccination centers for the first and second doses, you can find out by clicking here, knowing that these centers receive those over the age of 18, pre-programmed appointments and those who have missed them, as well as without a prior appointment, according to the Ministry of Health.

The ministry indicated that the vaccination centers with the enhanced dose of “Pfizer” for those who received two doses of “Sinopharma” for the purposes of entering some countries, can be known by clicking here, calling on these people to bring the identification documents with them (residence, work contract), in addition to personal identification. For Jordanians, and a passport for non-Jordanians.

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