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“Epidemics”: The third dose does not require a laboratory test for immune bodies

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publish date 2021-09-05 21:06:50

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Today, Sunday, a member of the National Committee for Epidemic Control, Dr. Bassam Hijjawi, revealed, via Al-Mamlaka Channel, that the vaccination cadres were surprised by the failure to bring medical reports from people wishing to obtain the booster dose of the Corona vaccine, stressing that there are obstacles that these cadres faced in their work, in terms of giving The booster dose of the vaccine for those with low immunity.

Hijlawi stressed the need to bring medical reports proving the presence of a chronic disease for those who wish to take the third dose, which was previously identified with only 10-15 diseases, indicating that giving the booster dose of the vaccine does not require a laboratory examination of immune bodies.

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Jordan News

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