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Al-Zamal Al-Omari, Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Al-Hussein Prize for Journalistic Creativity

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publish date 2021-09-04 17:09:18

The committee formed by the Council of Journalists Syndicate to set up a special system for the Hussein Prize for Journalistic Creativity chose Dr. Muhammad Al-Omari as Chairman of the Committee for Developing the Working Mechanisms of the Al-Hussein Prize for Journalistic Creativity.

This came during the committee’s first meeting, today, Saturday, headed by the Acting President of the Syndicate of Journalists, colleague Yanal Al-Barmawi, and in the presence of the members of the committee.

The union said in a press statement today, that the formation of the committee comes because the award, since its inception, has been working according to a regulation, and it needs a lot of development and detail and addressing the existing imbalances, especially with regard to the award categories, evaluation processes, and the committees concerned with that.

The committee, which includes in its membership colleagues Mustafa Al-Riyalat, Dr. Tayseer Abu Arja, Anas Al-Majali, Raad Al-Adayleh, Suhair Jaradat, Dr. Manal Mazahreh, Enas Sweis, and the union’s legal advisor, Mahmoud Qteishat, decided to choose the colleague Yahya Shukair as its rapporteur.

The colleague Al-Barmawi said that the Council of the Syndicate decided to form a committee of female colleagues and fellow members of the Syndicate’s General Assembly to develop the mechanisms of the award’s work, and to reconsider the regulations, proposing that the committee’s work be governed by a special system, approved by the General Assembly, and going through all the necessary stages to avoid amendments to the regulations. .

Al-Barmawi pointed out that many of the observations require treatment and correction in the award list, by issuing a new system, reviewing the award categories, the evaluation process and improving the process of receiving and qualifying the submissions for the award, in a way that ensures the evaluation process by the specialists for each award category. .

During the meeting, many proposals submitted by the chairman and members of the committee were discussed, which contributes to raising the level of the Hussein Award for Journalistic Creativity and enhancing confidence in it, and adding more transparency and objectivity around it. Prize system.

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