A collision between 7 vehicles at the Nabaa signal near Tabarbour (video)

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publish date 2021-09-05 10:22:21

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Today, Sunday, the representative of the Traffic Department said that many traffic accidents were dealt with, most notably a collision between 7 vehicles at the Nabaa signal near Tabarbour, due to the close relay and not leaving a sufficient safety distance.

In an interview with Public Security Radio “Amen FM”, he stressed the need to adhere to traffic priorities and rules in order to reach a safe traffic environment.

He stressed the need to leave an adequate safety distance and beware of close relays, which are among the main causes of traffic accidents

For his part, the representative of the Foreign Patrols Department said that a traffic campaign was implemented on all roads in order to control all traffic violations, especially high-speed violations, driving in the opposite direction of traffic and violating the use of a mobile phone.

He added that during the weekend, a number of traffic accidents were dealt with, which resulted in many injuries, in addition to material damage.

With regard to the most prominent violations that were dealt with at the end of the weekend, 70 vehicles were seized, the owners of which committed a violation of tampering with number plates.

A high-speed violation was also dealt with, most notably the seizure of a vehicle traveling on the airport road at a speed of 176 km per hour, and another on the Qatrana road traveling at a speed of 186 km per hour, and a freight vehicle that loaded 27 passengers more than the prescribed limit.

He pointed out that a cargo vehicle was seized that loaded a boat on the Wadi Araba road with dimensions and heights exceeding the permissible limit without obtaining a permit.

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