Tension in Kashmir after the death of an anti-India leader .. Pakistan protests

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publish date 2021-09-04 18:32:10

Indian security forces continued to enforce a curfew across Kashmir on Friday, after the death of an anti-India leader sparked clashes with his supporters.

The death of Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Gilani at the age of 92 has led to an escalation of tension in this disputed Himalayan region, after the authorities refused to allow a public funeral for him.

After Gilani’s death late Wednesday, the authorities issued orders to cut off internet and mobile phone services, and the ban continued for the next day.

It also deployed forces around the main mosques, which remained closed, but special prayers were held for Gilani in a few smaller mosques across the Muslim-majority area.

Thousands of police and soldiers patrolled the streets to enforce the lockdown, following clashes between residents and government forces in the city of Srinagar late Thursday.

But dozens of angry citizens clashed for the second day with the security forces, after the government forces refused to allow them to honor Gilani, and threw stones at the elements who chased them with batons.

Gilani’s son accused the police of taking his father’s body and transporting it for burial in the middle of the night, hours after his death.

A video clip circulating widely on social media showed officers arguing with Gilani’s relatives, before they raised his body, which was wrapped in a Pakistani flag.

Gilani had spent most of the past five decades of his life either in prison or under house arrest. He angered successive Indian governments with his pro-Pakistan stance and his demand for a vote on self-determination in Kashmir.

Pakistan sent a protest note to the Indian authorities, regarding the “inhuman treatment” of the latter’s forces, against the body of Kashmiri leader Gilani.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said, in a statement, on Friday; It is “shameful” that Gilani’s body was kidnapped from his family, and that they were not allowed to attend his funeral.

The statement added that a note of protest was delivered to a high-ranking Indian diplomat, after being summoned to the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad.

He explained that the memo comes in response to the “inhuman treatment” of Gilani’s body by Indian security forces.

Pakistan declared Thursday an official day of mourning for Gilani. Mirwais Umar Farooq, Kashmir’s chief cleric and long-time colleague of Gilani, said in a statement; The funeral restrictions are “extremely shameful, and expose the authoritarian mentality of the government.”

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