The five bricks and playing in the lanes.. the names are different and the rules are the same everywhere

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The heritage is filled with popular games played by children as well as adults, and despite the passage of years and technological progress that increased the value of electronic games, they still retain their presence within Egyptian societies, especially in rural areas and popular neighborhoods, such as the Siga, the First, Kiki on the High and other games.

Five bricks game

Therefore, do not be surprised when you pass through the streets of the villages and find a group of children lying on the ground, and they have 5 medium-sized pebbles in their hands. The one who has to throw the pebbles on the ground chooses one of them in the hand and then throws them in the air and picks up the pebbles one by one, and this movement is called a unit Then the same movement is repeated and all two pebbles are captured together, and this movement is called ten, then the movement is repeated again and picks up three pebbles together and one alone, and this movement is called a third, then the player tries to throw one in the air while capturing the four pebbles together, and this movement is called a quarter .

Then the five pebbles are scattered on the ground and one is chosen in the hand, then the other hand is placed on the ground by curving the thumb and forefinger so that the hand is in the form of a cave. Then he tries to enter all the stones into the cave, provided that “their father” is entered with only one movement. The donkeys are called, and the game moves to the next player, but if he stops two pebbles, he gets two degrees for each pebble, so the total becomes four degrees. The game is like this, if the player makes a mistake, the game moves to the next player, and two or three players participate in it, and it is known as 5 pebbles.

Seventh day post
Seventh day post

Hours ago, “The Seventh Day” shared a picture of one of the children while playing this game, and it received a great interaction on the social media, as it turned out that it bears many names that differ from governorate to governorate. Stones, kibbeh, al-habba, al-taw’a, al-salqat, five-tubat, and other names that are closely associated with its place.


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