How to make noodles with vegetables.. in quick and easy steps

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Noodles are one of the favorite meals for children and adults, because they are easy to prepare in a few times that do not exceed only a few minutes, which makes many housewives prefer to prepare them, not to mention that it is an integrated meal that contains protein and is rich in vitamins, and to prepare it at home, easily, it is presented to you.” The Seventh Day” with Chef Rania Qassem, how to make noodles with vegetables, to make a delicious and useful dish for children and adults, rich in nutrients beneficial to them and their health, as well as providing them with energy and activity.


How to make vegetable noodles


4 packets of instant noodles.

A quarter of a kilo of chicken pane.



Pepper colors.

Clove garlic.

3 zucchini balls.
Fresh mushrooms “amount as desired”.

Spices, salt, pepper and ginger for the pane.
Two small cubes of cheddar cheese “to taste”.

Vegetable noodles
Vegetable noodles

How to make vegetable noodles

Preparation steps

Cut the brown chicken into medium slices and season with salt, pepper, paprika, spices and ginger, and fry on the fire with a hanging of oil until it is cooked, then put the sliced ​​carrots on it, with slices of onions with stirring, then put the garlic clove and colored pepper cut into slices, then put the zucchini Cut into fingers, then put the mushrooms cut into slices, stir the ingredients together until they are well cooked, and then boil the noodles in another “half-boiled” pot, then put the noodles on the mixture and then their spices with the water in which they were boiled, put the cheese cubes and then turn off the fire It will dissolve and mix with the heat of the suit.



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