A doctor reveals how to check the thyroid gland

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publish date 2021-09-04 09:33:16

The Russian doctor, Alexander Myasnikov, announced that, usually when a person suspects a problem with the thyroid gland, he rushes to an ultrasound examination. Although it may not give accurate results.

Myasnikov points out, in a television interview, that diagnosing the problem in this way may be completely ineffective in this case. So what should we do?

According to the doctor, thyroid diseases are insidious, because they can hide behind other completely different symptoms, such as fatigue, dizziness, nausea, sore throat, high blood pressure, sweating, sleep disturbance, weight change, constipation, cystitis, joint pain, all these symptoms can be a signal from the thyroid gland.

He adds, patients often do not understand that these symptoms indicate a problem with the thyroid gland. For example, atrial fibrillation in middle-aged people is a common condition. But according to statistics, there are 35 million people in the world suffering from this disease, yet doctors rarely associate this condition with the thyroid gland, although it is in fact the most common cause.

“If the hormone levels are not adjusted, atrial fibrillation cannot be eliminated,” he says.

And Myasnikov adds, there is a common case among the elderly, which is that they suddenly forget everything and lose interest in life. Relatives in this case believe that the person has Alzheimer’s or dementia, so they do not bother doing the necessary tests. But this condition often indicates the presence of a problem in the thyroid gland, especially the lack of hormones, and when treating the problem, the person returns to his normal state.

The doctor advises that a TSH test should be done first of all when checking the condition of the thyroid gland. Women aged 35 and over are advised to undergo this examination even when there is nothing to bother them.

“The thyroid weighs a few grams, but it still defines our life span. So it needs to be maintained,” he says.

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