6 pieces of clothes that you must have in your closet in the first year of university.. the T-shirt is the most important of them

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Many first-year university students are preparing, during this period, to search for appropriate pieces of clothing for them to wear when going to university, and they may feel nervous and confused, when choosing pieces of clothing, for fear of choosing clothes that are not suitable for this new stage for them, and to avoid this problem, we review in This report is some of the basic pieces of clothing that a girl can wear when she goes to university, according to the website “eduadvisorAnd coordinate it with some other pieces of clothing.

Appropriate clothing pieces for university students

Comfortable plain t-shirts:

Plain colored T-shirts are an essential piece for university students of both sexes who want to wear comfortable clothes, that can coordinate with any other pieces, and are suitable for wearing when going to university, as they can be paired with jeans, and do not take long when wearing pieces of clothing, especially when you are late On time for the lecture.

A white cotton T-shirt can be paired with dark blue jeans with sneakers for a simple look, and different accessories (such as a long necklace, hoop earrings, etc.) can also be worn for a simple and appropriate look.


Formal clothing:

Formal wear is necessary on the days when the student has a presentation or interview to attend, so she must have a suit with pants or a pocket suit with a choice of colors such as black, dark blue or dark gray as well.

formal clothing


Buying a pair of dark blue or black jeans will suffice, jeans are incredibly versatile and can help the male and female student in getting a casual, elegant look that can be worn on different occasions, and requires the student only to pair the jeans with a blouse or jacket and prefers to avoid I wear ripped jeans to college.



To avoid feeling cold when going to university during the winter season, the student must wear the “hoodie”, which helps her to get an elegant and simple look when going to the university and makes her feel warm.


the shoes:

Wearing a suitable pair of shoes to get an appropriate look when going to university, and there are different types suitable for this stage, such as a pair of sports shoes and sandals, which the student chooses according to the color of the clothes she is wearing, and make her feel comfortable.

Comfortable shoes


Dresses are perhaps the easiest and quickest piece of clothing, and a basic black dress is always a must in every girl’s wardrobe because of its versatility, you can easily pair it with a comfy fleece jacket and some sneakers in the day and swap in with heels at night.



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