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Water cut off from large areas in Wadi Al-Seer (Asmaa)

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publish date 2021-09-04 16:28:26

Jordan News

Miyahuna announced today, Saturday, that several areas in the Wadi Al-Seer district will be affected by the water supply as a result of emergency maintenance work inside the eastern Wadi Al-Seer reservoir.

The company said in a statement, the electronic newspaper “Jordan News” received a copy of it that because of the maintenance work, the company was forced to stop supplying from the upper Wadi Al-Seer reservoir, while the company’s technical teams are doing their best to finish the maintenance work and resume pumping water according to the pre-prepared role program.

The affected areas are: Al-Derbyat, Al-Dibbeh, Abu Al-Sus, Al-Salatah housing, Doctors housing, Wadi Al-Shata, Al-Bahath, Khirbet Sarah, Hay Al-Sanawbar, and Al-Dhra`.

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Jordan News

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