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New developments on the weather – details

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publish date 2021-09-04 21:07:24

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Today, Saturday, the Arab Center for Weather Forecasts announced the existence of an air system that is considered “early” for this time of the year, as it is expected that a very cold air mass will slide towards the eastern parts of the European continent during the period from 10 to 15 September. The current situation, causing the formation of several strong depressions towards these areas, and the general dominance of the purely winter weather there.

Since the eastern Mediterranean region, including Jordan and the Levant, is secondarily affected by what is affected by the eastern parts of the European continent by virtue of the behavior of the air system of the region, it is expected that relatively cold and humid winds will rush towards the southwestern parts of Turkey, to form a cold upper basin in the layers of the air. Al Olaya is considered early and moves east slowly, according to the center.

The center indicated that this basin is expected to produce several weather phenomena; The most important of which is a significant decrease in the level of temperatures, whether they are high or low, in addition to the feeling of the beginning of the autumn weather in the region, and it is not excluded that there will be an opportunity for rain, especially towards the western parts of the Levant region.

The center suggested that the influence of hot air masses will move away from the region during the coming period, and if the heights are found, they are not likely to be strong or long, but rather fast and limited. This is due to the beginning of the collapse of the summer system in the northern hemisphere.

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