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“Forensic Sciences” and “Night Clubs” erupt Jordanians’ anger at the Minister of Awqaf (Trend)

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publish date 2021-09-04 11:53:28

The Compass – The effects of the Minister of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, Dr. Muhammad Al-Khalayleh, The ire of Jordanian scholars, activists and citizens After issuing a circular last week to the Society for the Preservation of the Holy Quran.

In the circular, the minister asked the Islamic branches and centers of the association not to announce the legal courses until after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Endowments.

Al-Khalayleh stipulated that “for every Islamic activity affiliated with the governorate association centers, there should be a teacher who has a certificate of accreditation from the ministry.”

Jordanians criticized the decision via social media, which they considered to be a suspension of Islamic science courses in the association’s centers, and their anger increased, coinciding with the Prime Minister’s statement No. 44 to open night clubs, bars and discotheques.

And the Minister of Awqaf vowed to those who violate his decisions regarding the Sharia courses, to apply the provisions of Article (16) to him.
Following are the details of the article, and the penalty for violating it:
If the Center violates any of the provisions of this system or the instructions issued pursuant thereto, any of the following penalties will be taken against him:
A- A written warning by a decision of the directorate of the directorate to correct his situation within the period specified in the warning.
b- Closing it by a decision of the committee based on the recommendation of the directorate of the directorate.
C- Revocation of his license by a decision of the Minister based on the recommendation of the Committee.

A statement by five hundred Jordanian personalities also demanded the Minister of Awqaf, through a letter that the “compass” received a copy of, to reconsider the recent measures taken by the ministry towards associations and institutions working in spreading science, advocacy and teaching the Qur’an. All over the country for more than a quarter of a century, it is required to reward and appreciate those who work on it, not to restrict it and stifle its message under the pretext of a new, emerging law.

The head of the Society for the Preservation of the Noble Qur’an, Muhammad al-Majali, said, through his account on Facebook, a statement in which he said, “When we “legitimize” vice and “narrow” virtue, we are a servile nation.

What do you know about the Institute of Sharia Sciences in the Governorate Association?

The Institute was launched twenty-one years ago as one of the Society’s activities and programs aimed at educating men and women. It is a scientific, legal and educational program in which more than 250 specialists in Islamic law, Arabic language, education, history and Islamic culture are lectured. Special curricula have been written for the Institute in jurisprudence, belief, biography and advocacy. and history. According to a video from the association about the institute previously published.

The Ministry of Awqaf responds accusing

The media spokesman for the Ministry of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Sanctuaries, Hossam Al-Hiyari, said that the ministry, in conjunction with the reopening of the sectors, emphasized the Islamic societies and centers that did not correct their conditions, the need to correct according to the system of Islamic centers to be able to carry out their activities, knowing that the system was issued since the beginning of the year and not a new one. At the moment, there are many centers and associations that have corrected their situation, and there are no complications, but the correction matters are carried out according to the instructions issued.

Al-Hiyari indicated that the ministry, in accordance with the laws and legislation that placed Islamic societies under its umbrella, was keen to support and facilitate the work of Islamic societies for males and females to memorize the Holy Qur’an and hold courses in Sharia sciences. Under the umbrella of the law, which requires the application of laws to them.

For her part, the Director of Islamic Societies and Centers, Dr. Hasna Annaba, that the ministry addressed Islamic associations and centers at the end of last July with the need to work on accrediting teachers for the purpose of enabling associations and centers to carry out their activities. He stressed that the instructions and legislation that are applied to associations are also matched by organization and procedures applications to the centers directly affiliated with the Ministry of Awqaf.

Annaba added that the ministry, since the start of the system of Islamic centers, has communicated with the concerned Islamic associations and centers and developed a road map to correct the conditions of Islamic centers according to the system. Conditions and fulfillment of the conditions stipulated in the instructions.

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