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Dodin: Corona examination will not remain free forever, and there is no return to face-to-face education

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publish date 2021-09-04 21:20:35

On Saturday, Minister of State for Media Affairs, the official spokesman for the government, Sakhr Dodin, said that the examination for detection of the Corona virus will not remain free forever, and will certainly be reconsidered.

Dudin saw that Jordan crossed in a safe summer because the government plan is cautious and gradual, and is linked to important criteria such as linking the number of vaccine dose recipients.

He explained through the “Akhbar Al-Osboa” program, that the government linked the completion of the opening of the sectors at the beginning of September to the presence of 4.5 million vaccine recipients, but the Ministry of Health and the National Epidemiological Committee found that it is better to have 3 million recipients of the two vaccine doses, in light of the spread of the “delta” mutated from virus.

He pointed out that the opening of the sectors must be accompanied by the intensification of the vaccination campaign again, and the government was forced to issue Defense Orders 32 and 34.

Dodin stressed that people should not be forced to receive the vaccine against the Corona virus, and “we will always give people two options (examination and receiving the vaccine).”

“It is clear that we will live with this virus … and with the opening of the sectors, we will live for a long time committed to the muzzle in public places, with a fine for those who do not wear the muzzle,” the minister said.

‘Irreversible decision’

The minister stressed that returning to face-to-face education is an irreversible decision, adding that it is “a strategic plan and a strategic goal for the state and government.”

Dudin pointed out that the percentage of educational and administrative staff in schools who received the vaccine was close to 90%, except for the fact that about 100,000 school students received the vaccine.

The minister explained that Jordan has 3 times the number of medical beds compared to the same period last year, in addition to the presence of field hospitals for the injured and renting private hospitals, twice the number of intensive care beds and twice the number of artificial respirators, and adding more than 2,500 doctors, nurses and technicians to the Ministry of Health’s cadres.

He added, “With the existence and availability of vaccination programs, and they are available by the millions, God willing, we will not go back.”

By asking Dodin about the continuation of the Defense Law, he said, “The pandemic is not over, and defense orders are needed to protect people… and when the pandemic ends, for every recent incident.”

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