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19 thousand people were arrested in 13 thousand drug cases in 2021

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publish date 2021-09-03 22:13:42

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The Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department, Colonel Hassan Al-Qudah, said today, Friday, that 12,815 cases related to narcotics have been seized, with a number of about 19,000 people as of September 1.

In an interview with the 60 Minutes program, which is broadcast on Jordanian TV, Colonel Al-Qudah said that the most important is the number of cases that were seized in trafficking and promotion, amounting to 3,235 cases, and 6,196 people were arrested until the same date of this year.

He explained that 40-50% of the youth category are repeat abuse cases, indicating that 8,000 people in the 18-27 age group were arrested, while 7,500 people in the 28-37 age group were arrested.

The judges added that last year, 20,000 drug-related cases were seized, and 29,000 people were arrested

In his speech, the judges indicated that Jordan is still among the international classifications as a country of transit, not of industrialization

He stressed the importance of the new draft law, pointing out that the penalty for promoters was raised from 3 years in the current law to 5 years.

The judges pointed out that drug crime has witnessed a development since 2010, and the spider network and social networking sites have played a major role in the same.

And he indicated that the new draft law addressed shortcomings in the old law, as there was no mention of the use of social networking sites and the Internet in the context of promotion and trade.

He pointed out that the control work is distributed across three axes, the first of which is the axis of control through the control of cases, promoters, dealers and narcotics, the second axis is awareness raising activities and effectiveness to raise awareness of the scourge of drugs, and the third axis is the therapeutic, as the Public Security Directorate established the first treatment center in 1993 in the Arjan region and it currently includes 160 beds

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