Why do some marital relationships not last for a year?..Sociology answers and offers treatment

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When a young man decides to marry one of the girls, he searches for a sense of security and stability and seeks to build a family, as well as the girl when she agrees to this decision, but after a period of marriage that may extend for several months or less and a separation occurs between them, which leaves in the heart of both of them a deep wound as a result Going through a short bad experience, which has become prevalent in some marital relationships during this period.

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Dr. Hassan El-Khouly, Professor of Sociology, spoke to “The Seventh Day” about the reasons that may lead to the failure of marital relations and their termination in a few months. He accepts this step, without thinking much about this matter and studying it well, and is qualified to take this step, but some marriages fail because young people marry without being qualified for this issue.”

A discussion between a couple
A discussion between a couple

He added: “The relationship between the husband and his wife’s family, as well as the wife and her husband’s family, is tense, with the spouses not accepting each other’s defects, and the inability to take responsibility between the two parties, in addition to forcing the young parents or the girl to marry, and the incompatibility between the spouses, whether in age, thought or level. Education and class are among the reasons for the failure of marriage.

Failed marital relationship
Failed marital relationship

The professor of sociology indicated that the solution to this problem is for the parents to sit with the young man and girl before marriage, and talk to them about their marital duties and responsibilities, and the wife and husband should abandon the idea of ​​the ideal partner and accept the defects of the other party, and believe that life is shared between two parties, with the necessity of Searching for a partner who agrees with him on the educational and intellectual level, with the need for families to avoid applying the idea of ​​imposed marriage, which depends on the need for the young man to marry his cousin, as well as the girl, and leave them the freedom to choose, with the need to apply the principle of discussion, avoid resorting to violence, and respect each party. the other”.


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