An Australian treasure hunter discovers thousands of jewels and gold coins on international trips

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A forty-year-old Australian treasure hunter named Lee Webber has discovered 50 safes, pistols, plenty of bullets, and a vintage motorcycle. BMWAnd thousands of bicycles, jewelry and gold coins, during his 15 years of traveling on expeditions around the world.

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Forty-year-old Lee Webber is known as an underwater treasure hunter and has spent nearly 15 years excavating lost underwater valuables during his shuttle trips around the world. The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported.

Some of the discoveries
Some of the discoveries

rare coins
rare coins

Australian treasure hunter Lee Webber, who is a surfer looking for treasure, began swimming in Bondi Beach near Sydney, during one of his summer vacations. Then he decided to buy a metal detector.

treasures pictures
treasures pictures

And Lee Webber, deliberately searching for anything valuable in the waters of lakes, rivers and oceans that he was visiting in Australia, then began communicating with treasure hunters and exchanging experiences and information with them, to enhance his abilities in searching for treasures, and his knowledge of their potential locations, and eventually obtained a Lots of information and experience in treasure hunting.

Weber told me about his experience tracking down collectibles: “Once I had run out of opportunities to find valuables in the waters of Australia which I think I’ve searched every inch of, I took my hobby to a second level, which is to search outside Australia.”

He added, “I have traveled through Spain, France, New Zealand, Holland and Thailand and am currently building a camper to spend the remainder of the summer traveling around Europe in search of treasures. I have traveled to England and attended the Metal Detecting Festival that takes place every year there. amazing”.


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