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MP Abu Sa’alik: The division of the “less fortunate” schools is unfair

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publish date 2021-08-30 12:53:59

MP Muhammad Abu Sa’alik criticized the mechanism through which the less fortunate schools are divided and selected.

The deputy said during the parliament session on Monday, “I think that the one who classified Jordanians today in 2021 as less fortunate and those who are fortunate did not have any luck in this division because Jordanians this year 90% of them are less fortunate and the division is unfair.”

He was surprised that a school in a particular neighborhood was chosen and called it less fortunate, while the rest of the schools in the region were unfairly denied, noting that the neighborhoods of Ghuwayriyah, Ad Dhulail and Zarqa are less fortunate. I am against this classification.

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