The Lebanese killer in Mafraq reveals the details of the heinous crime

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publish date 2021-08-30 11:27:51

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Official sources reported that the Public Prosecutor of the High Criminal Court charged a 29-year-old man with premeditated murder and theft, accused of killing a Lebanese man in Mafraq Governorate earlier this week.

A high-ranking judicial source close to the investigation said that the accused suffocated the victim while he was on his farm in Mafraq, about 80 kilometers northeast of Amman, last Thursday.

In his initial testimony before the criminal court prosecutor, the suspect claimed that he “invited the victim, with whom he worked in Saudi Arabia in an engineering company, to his farm for dinner but an argument” broke out between them.

The judicial source added that the suspect claimed that he “choked the victim with his hands after a sharp argument, then searched his bag and found $5,000 in it, took the money and “bury the victim and leave him.”

According to the source, “the suspect went to the airport to return to Saudi Arabia and called his father to inform him that he had killed his friend.”

The judicial source added that the suspect’s father advised his son “not to travel and instead turn himself in, which he did.”

Meanwhile, the police reported that the victim’s family lost contact with their son upon his arrival in the kingdom, according to a second official source.

“The police were also focusing on the suspect after tracing the victim’s last contacts,” the source said.

The autopsy revealed that the victim had died asphyxiated, while the public prosecutor ordered the suspect to be detained for 15 days pending investigation, and more witnesses will be called for questioning about the incident.

The second official source added that “the prosecution plans to expand the investigation to find out the cause of the murder and whether theft was the only motive behind this crime.”

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