The Taliban expects to announce a government within a week

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publish date 2021-08-28 23:50:02

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the movement will announce a full government within a week, and stressed that it is difficult to expect the presence of women in it and that the final decision in this regard will be made by senior leaders.

Zabihullah Mujahid added in statements – to Reuters – today, Saturday, that the Taliban have already appointed officials to run key institutions, including the ministries of public health and education, as well as the central bank.

The movement also appointed – according to the same spokesman – governors and police commanders in 33 of the 34 provinces in Afghanistan.

The spokesman expected that the serious economic problems that led to the deterioration of the Afghani currency would be resolved soon.

Zabihullah Mujahid condemned the raid launched by the United States at dawn today, Saturday, with a drone, against militants of the Islamic State, following the suicide attack on Kabul Airport last Thursday, describing it as a “blatant attack on Afghan soil.”

The Taliban spokesman said that the movement expects to take full control of Kabul Airport very soon as soon as the US forces leave. He added, “It is too early to decide whether we need help from Turkey or Qatar in managing Kabul Airport.” He said we have all the capabilities and competencies to manage the airport.

He called on the United States, Britain and other Western countries to maintain diplomatic relations with Afghanistan.

Earlier today, Al-Jazeera correspondent in Kandahar reported that the head of the Taliban’s political bureau, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, left Kabul for Kandahar, accompanied by a number of the movement’s leaders.

Sources told Al Jazeera that the delegation’s visit aims to hold consultations with leaders in the movement and local actors on efforts to form the next government in Afghanistan.

The sources added that Taliban officials will come from the Pakistani city of Quetta for the same purpose, and that the head of the Movement’s Call and Guidance Committee, Amir Khan Muttaki, arrived in Helmand in the south of the country for similar consultations.

A few days ago, the Taliban said that it had expanded its circle of contacts with former officials and tribal leaders in order to form an expanded government in Afghanistan, and had contacted former officials in the outgoing government – who had left the country – about their return.

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